How to Clean and Seal Concrete Driveways: Your Ultimate Guide! 

Newly installed natural-looking driveway in Seattle, WA

Concrete driveways can be a pain to keep clean and look good. The dust, leaves, and other debris that get tracked onto the surface of your driveway can quickly turn into unsightly stains and scuffs if left unattended. This blog post will discuss how to clean and seal your concrete driveway, so it looks great […]

The Decision to Repair or Replace Your Broken Patio

Concrete construction work ongoing for a new project in Seattle

You may be sitting at home, enjoying the sun outside on your porch, when suddenly, you hear a loud crash. You look up to see that one of the posts in your patio has fallen over and crushed your favorite chair. What should you do? Should you repair your deck or replace it?  Repairing may […]

Why Professionally Installed Concrete Is Best For Your Home Or Business

Concrete construction at a commercial development project in Seattle, WA

Concrete is an excellent building material because it’s strong, durable, and versatile. It’s also structurally sound, which makes it perfect for use as floors, foundations, patios (and more). The great thing about concrete installation is that many different finishes can be applied to make any space uniquely yours, from polished cement with exposed aggregate to […]

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