Concrete Patios

One of the easiest ways to take your Seattle, WA home to the next level is installing a concrete patio. Cement patios can be highly durable and exceptionally long-lasting, but you’ll need to make sure you’re working with a concrete contractor you can trust to do the job right. If you’re a Seattle resident asking yourself “Where can I find reliable concrete patio contractors near me?,” you can rest assured knowing that SEA Concrete Contractors is the right choice for you.

A Full-Service Patio Company In Seattle

At SEA Concrete Contractors, we’ve been working on concrete patio installation and repair in and around Seattle, Washington since 2018. In that time, we’ve installed patios Seattle residents can take pride in having on their property. We’ve been satisfying customers for years, and we hope our next patio project is your own! Adding a cement patio to your property comes with a host of benefits. Once your new patio is installed, you can enjoy: 





While these are all noteworthy points, perhaps the best thing to remember about going with a concrete patio is that you won’t have to pay an exorbitant amount for it. Concrete patios offer a great value while not compromising on aesthetics. Your neighbors won’t believe how little you paid for this addition to your home!

Before you can enjoy these perks, however, you’ll have to get your patio put in by the professionals. SEA Concrete Contractors takes customer satisfaction seriously, and the patio builders on our crew will work hard to give you the high-quality patio you deserve. No one understands the patio needs of Seattle residents like we do, and our knowledge and attention to detail will be on full display whenever your family and friends enjoy your new patio.


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We Do Concrete Patio Repair

If you already have a Seattle, Washington-area concrete patio that’s damaged, cracked, or simply in need of a visual update, SEA Concrete Contractors can help. As the best of Seattle’s concrete patio companies, our patio repair services will make your patio look and function as good as new – if not better.

Patio repair is far from a “one size fits all” job, and the people working at SEA Concrete Contractors know that well. If your patio only needs minor fixes or a new look, we’ll be able to do refinishing work to bring it up to par. Looking for something more intensive? If that’s the case,

we can fully resurface your patio – we’ll apply new layers to hide pavement patches and fixed cracks. No matter what you need, by the time we’re done, you won’t be able to believe the great-looking deck you’re left with has always been a fixture of your property.

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