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Residential concrete surfaces should help homeowners enjoy their property, but after enough time has passed, these surfaces can be affected by damage. If you’ve noticed anything from small pockmarks to major cracks on your concrete sidewalk, driveway, patio, or pool deck, there’s no time to wait. Get in touch with SEA Concrete Contractors – the Seattle, WA area’s most trusted concrete contractor – to schedule repair services

High-Quality Concrete Resurfacing Contractors

At SEA Concrete Contractors, we take pride in providing high-quality concrete resurfacing and concrete refinishing services at great prices to local residents. We work in Seattle, Washington and many nearby cities, such as:





Our services in this field include driveway resurfacing, pool decking resurfacing, and resurfacing for almost any other concrete surface you can think of. Resurfaced concrete is also highly customizable, and we can give your surface any of these looks:

In many cases, your concrete surface won’t need to be replaced – or even require large-scale repairs. Instead of concrete removal services, concrete refinishing is a great choice for surfaces that haven’t been seriously damaged

When you choose concrete refinishing for your existing surface, we’ll cover it with a concrete coating instead of demolishing and removing it. Since the new concrete is simply bonded to the old surface, you’ll get a fresh-looking concrete surface at a considerably lower cost.

Whether your concrete surface needs minor repairs or just a new look, SEA Concrete Contractors can get it done.


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A Qualified Seattle Concrete Repair Company

Though concrete refinishing can be a great choice for low-level damage, SEA Concrete Contractors ca n also do major repairs on your concrete surface. Our partial-depth and full-depth repair services can enhance your concrete foundation, slab, or driveway, among other surfaces. You’ll be able to enjoy working with the most qualified concrete contractor in Seattle, and we’ll give you a low price for the job.

One of the factors that sets SEA Concrete Contractors apart from the competition is our attention to detail. As part of this, we use high-quality materials that are durable, that are resistant to temperature changes and abrasion, and that have a low capacity for shrinkage. Thanks to our ability to focus on the little things while keeping the broader scope of each project in mind, your repaired concrete surface will last for decades to come.

The Best Choice For Concrete Replacement In Seattle

When a surface has been damaged enough, it’ll be too far gone for even major repairs to make a significant difference. If that’s the case, SEA Concrete Contractors can help by offering concrete demolition and concrete removal services.

Once the demolition process is done and the old concrete is removed from your property, we’ll be able to create a newly-poured concrete surface for you. And even though this work is more expensive than concrete repair or refinishing, you’ll still get a price that’s among the lowest in the industry for your concrete demolition job.

Concrete demolition work ongoing for a new project in Seattle, WA

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SEA Concrete Contractors can do it all when it comes to concrete repair. If you need anything from a patch job to a full replacement of your concrete surface, we can meet your needs quickly while saving you money. Call us or send us an email any time – we look forward to working with you!

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